What is EXPONENTIAL success?

Exponential success is more that just reaching a simple goal and claiming “success!”.  You need to know the secret compounding effects of planning and reaching several smaller goals. Huh?  Let me explain. If you manage a retail store, having a goal of increasing sales by 20% may be to much of a stretch and not possible to achieve.  But, if you break it down into several smaller goals, you can easily reach your goal and even exceed your 20% goal.  Here is the secret strategy in three steps:

1.  Set a goal of increasing prices by 6%

2.  Set a goal to increase transaction counts by 6%

3.  Set a goal to increase average sale by 6%

Breaking down your goals like this will make your goals easier to achieve and the results are exponential.  Do the math – A 6% increase in each of this areas is much easier to achieve than 20% in any one area, and will net you about 20%.  

There are 12 strategies to increase sales. In future posts I will share more of them.  Stay tuned…