Your Most Valuable Asset

I have a great addition to my blog today, so read all the way through if you want to transform how you do business. I also suggest you read my last couple posts which are related to the topic in achieving exponential success in business.  Here we go!!

The most valuable asset you have in your business is not your product or service.  It is not the location of your retail store, or website domain name, or SEO rankings.   And, it is most certainly not your brand recognition or testimonials.


So… If these important assets are not the MOST important – What is?

The most important asset are the people you employ in your business.  And, if you do not have employees, then it is YOU!  You can have the most valuable product, the most incredible service, and the most convenient location, but — And this is a big one — If your front-line employees, or you, give anything less than excellent service, or handle a customer complaint wrong  —  nothing else matters.


Your success and the success of your business has nothing to do with commitment, pride, or righteousness.  However, it has everything to do with training your employees, and yourself, to be customer-focused.  I suggest you put this motto in the breakroom at your office or shop.  “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.

This concept will lead you to exponential success.