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Cost-of-Goods-Sold – The 4th Step of Exponential Success

Do yourself a favor and re-read my last post.  If you hang in there, I will show you in my posts over the next few weeks how to increase your business revenue by 100% with only a 6% effort.  Exponentially, if you implement these 12 success factors I will share with you over the next few weeks, you will double your sales, profits, and goals!!  You cannot afford not to sign up and read this blog each week.

The 4th step is to cut your cost-of-goods sold by 6%.

I used to own a dry cleaners.  I cut my cost-of-goods sold by 6% by using a lighter hanger and adding 2 more garments per plastic bag.  These changes in process is not noticed by the customer but saved me an average of 6% in cost with each and every customer.  That is 6% into my pocket!!  How can you do the same thing with your business?

Think of the little things you can do in your business that can save you 6% in cost-of-goods sold.


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